Monday, July 9, 2012

Portland Streetcar Finishing Tip 1 - Straightening Warps in Castings

Hi All,

Here goes with the 1st Portlabd Streetcar (PSC) Finishing Tip.  I am the first to admit a lack of experience in working with resin castings.  I have worked with epoxy castings but they at a different animal.  But not to worry, my associate on the PSC, Tony has been warping, twisting and otherwise coaxing resin castings into shape for quite some time.  They always seem to have some waves and wows so here is an effective way of correcting them.  Experiment until you get the desired result.  Keep in mind that a second soak may unlock the last correction made.  The advise he offered is;

  • submerge the warped portion of the casting in hot tap water,
  • wait till it is heated,
  • remove the casting from the water and weight the affected zone until it cools,
  • finally, remove the weights and you should have a greatly reduced warp or wave.

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